Clockwork Dragon Release Giveaway

The dragons are coming!

The Clockwork Dragon, book three in the Section 13 adventures, is on the way. Jack, Gwen, and a bunch of dragons arrived in stores on 5 February. Order now and get a prize pack!**

Order your hardcover or ebook of The Clockwork Dragon, and we’ll send you a prize pack worth more than twice the cost of the book.***

To receive a prize pack, you must send us a picture of your receipt along with a valid U.S. address via the “Contact The Ministry Express” tab at the top of this page, or send via

Here’s what’s inside:

We’re very excited about this prize pack, especially the collectable challenge coins, but we’ll get to that in a moment. First, here’s the list of what you’ll receive for each book ordered when you send us proof of purchase.**

One All Forms Must Be Completed pen; gunmetal finish, stylus on top. This is the nicest pen ever to emerge from our Tinkers Guild shop. Plus one Clockwork Dragon cover art notepad. The pen and pad make a perfect combination when you need to jot down clues.

One Ministry of Dragons In Case of Dragon Attack bookmark (both sides shown). They may push the envelope of danger while corralling dragons, but the Dragos are all about safety. The back of this bookmark tells you steps to take in a fire—approved by the Ministry of Dragons and FEMA.

Eight stickers! Four large Ministry of Dragons seal stickers. Slap one on the front of a notebook to let the world know you are ready for any dragon it sends your way. Plus four mini The Clockwork Dragon cover stickers, good for sealing notes passed to other agents.

Plus FOUR secret society challenge coins. All new editions.

Four coins in total. Both sides of each coin shown in pictures. More info below.

Check out these coins:

Yes, we are excited about these coins!

Our new coins are each two inches in diameter, with dual metal finish and sculpted edges. They are true collectables, and you get all four with each pre-order prize pack. Don’t miss out!

For the release of The Clockwork Dragon, we commissioned brand new secret society challenge coins. Members of our four secretive ministries carry these coins for positive identification. You know you can trust the bearer of a challenge coin (most of the time).

What are you waiting for? Get your prize pack!

Order your copy of The Clockwork Dragon and send us your receipt.

**Prize packs will be shipped to valid U.S. addresses only. Proof of purchase required. One prize pack per book ordered. Receipts must be dated prior to 15 February 2019. Screenshots or PDFs of receipts and addresses may be sent to or via the Contact The Ministry Express page on this blog. Receipts will be accepted until 15 April 2019.

***Retail value of a complete and shipped prize pack exceeds $35. Suggested retail cost of a single hardcover is $16.99

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