The Fourth Ruby is Here!

Well, not the ruby itself. To find out where the ruby is hidden, you’ll have to read the book and follow the clues with Jack and Gwen. But the book is here.

If I’m honest, the book isn’t here either. Not here here, anyway. But it is in bookstores. Or you can find it *face palm* here on this blog by going to the links tab.

Ancient mysteries? Diabolical villains? A Thieves’ Guild with their own underground city? Yes, please! Read below to find out what it’s all about, then check out the book by Mr. James R. Hannibal, the unofficial chronicler of London’s most ancient and most secret agencies. And if you’d like to start with his first chronicle, look here:

It’s been a year since Jack Buckles discovered the Keep beneath Baker Street, an underground tower no Section Thirteen was ever supposed to see; a year since his dad fell into a coma. Nothing has been the same since. Jack’s tracker abilities are on the fritz, Gwen’s not speaking to him and, what’s worse, there’s a pounding voice in his head calling for “the flame.”

Jack and Gwen are framed for the theft of a historic crown jewel—the Black Prince’s Ruby, one of three cursed rubies said to bring knowledge, loyalty, and the command of nations to whomever wields them all. Now, they must retrieve the other jewels before the true thief does, or risk unleashing a reign of terror unlike anything history’s ever seen.

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